What Time Does Harris Teeter Start Making Subs?

If you’re a fan of Harris Teeter’s sub sandwiches, you might be curious about when the store starts making them. The deli and sandwich sections of the store don’t always have the same hours as the rest of the store, which can make it difficult to know when subs will be available. To get a better understanding of this, I reached out to 6 different Harris Teeter locations.

According to the customer service representatives, almost all Harris Teeter stores start making subs as soon as the store opens. So, if your local Harris Teeter opens at 8 AM, then you can expect to be able to purchase a freshly made sub starting at 8 AM. This holds true for any other hour that your local Harris Teeter may open.

In conclusion, if you’re in the market for a sub sandwich from Harris Teeter, you can expect the deli section to be available and making subs as soon as the store opens. So the next time you’re craving a delicious sub, head to Harris Teeter and choose from a variety of options made to order. Whether you prefer a classic meat and cheese sub or a vegetarian option, Harris Teeter has something to satisfy every taste bud.