HMart vs 99 Ranch | Which One Is Cheaper & Better For You?

Both HMart and 99 Ranch are two of the largest Asian supermarkets in the world. They have made their way into North America with a handful of locations sprinkled throughout the country. While they may appear similar on the surface, they do have their differences. These differences are mainly in their product options and their prices.


Product Options: HMart vs 99 Ranch


HMart is pretty popular for their buns as Chef Hsu makes the store’s buns fresh daily. As a matter of fact, Chef Hsu is pretty much known all over the world for his high-quality food. He always sees to it that he uses the finest ingredients available so that all of his customers would love his food. It definitely feels a bit different when you eat freshly cooked food instead of canned ones.


Hence, you would feel a bit committed to it. If Chinese food is your thing then you should go to 99 Ranch. They have plenty of authentic food at wonderful prices. 


Shopping Categories: HMart vs 99 Ranch

99 Ranch concentrates on having more Chinese food and products available. HMart, On the other hand, has more Korean food so those who love Korean BBQ and other famous Korean food would feel pretty happy there. 


The choices at both of these stores are somewhat different. When you enter 99 Ranch, you will come across dim sum foods, you are not as likely to find this at HMart. Additionally, both have dumpling bars as it is something most shoppers really like, especially since it is considered somewhat healthy. 


Baked Goods


99 Ranch also has a wonderful bakery with American style bread. Surely, you will love the options there as they were handily made on the same day. You will never encounter products at the bakery that were made the night before. 


Seafood Options


Both have fresh seafood options so if you are looking to buy live fish and crab then they should have it. Both groceries also have fresh fruits so you can make fruit shakes. Furthermore, both have huge snack aisles so you can tell how you can buy small snacks there with the entire family while watching a movie.


It is a good feeling to be able to dive into dry noodles like no other because both have various noodle options so you can make your favorite noodle soup along with mixed ingredients. In addition, both stores have products that you can’t find anywhere else. In fact, those same products are quite addicting so you will find yourself staying there for quite a few hours while looking at all the other things that this brand brings to the table. 


Is HMart cheaper than 99 Ranch?

The prices of both 99 Ranch and HMart are not that far away from each other. However, HMart is a little bit more expensive than 99 Ranch for most of their products.


Both stores are about the same price for most of their snacks. However, HMart is much more expensive when it comes to meat, poultry, and fish.


Final Thoughts: HMart vs 99 Ranch

In conclusion, you will always get wonderful choices from both Asian markets. In fact, both have been around for a long time so you will always get good choices out of them. Both have several locations so you should take a look at the one that is nearest to you. It is no secret you will always see something that you would like. Furthermore, Americans are starting to love Asian food. In terms of branches, HMart has 63 branches while 99 Ranch has 51.