Does Hannaford Blow Up Balloons?

If you are looking to purchase balloons, you may have thought to purchase them at a local grocery store. More specifically, you may have wondered if Hannaford inflates balloons for their customers. To help you answer this question, I’ve contracted Hannaford’s customer service to find out if they blow up balloons.


Does Hannaford Fill Balloons? Yes, Hannaford does fill up balloons with helium at their store locations. They inflate both latex and mylar balloons for their customers. Additionally, customers can bring in their own balloons to get inflated. Blowing up balloons is free if you purchase the balloon from Hannaford, however it costs about $2.99 to get your own balloon inflated that was not purchased at Hannaford. 


How Much Does Hannaford Charge To Blow Up Balloons?

Like most other grocery stores, Hannaford does not charge any additional fees to blow up balloons at their stores.


As long as you purchase the balloon in their store, they will not charge anything additional. So the only thing you are paying for is the cost of the balloon. Most other grocery stores also follow this model. There are no fees incurred for customers who purchase any type of inflatable balloon in store.


The main reason why Hannaford does this is to encourage people to purchase balloons at their store rather than at a competitor’s store. By allowing customers to fill up a balloon for free, more customers will feel inclined to buy balloons there.


Will Hannaford Fill Up Balloons That Aren’t Purchased In The Store?

If you have balloons of your own that you bring into Hannaford, will they blow them up for you? Yes, Hannaford will blow up balloons that weren’t purchased in their stores. 


As mentioned above, you can bring any balloons into the store and the employers will blow them up for you. If you do bring your own balloons in, Hannaford will charge you $2.99 per balloon. This is a bit more expensive than other stores.


Most other stores will charge around $1 to inflate balloons that were not purchased in their stores, so it may be worth it to look somewhere else.



Where Is The Balloon Section At Hannaford?

Once you arrive at Hannaford, you may be wondering where to actually buy the balloons. Most Hannafords are set up similarly so the balloon section is typically in the same place. The balloon section is typically located in the floral shop, which is located at the front of most Hannaford locations.

How Much Are Balloons at Hannaford?

Most latex and Mylar balloons cost around $2.49 at Hannaford. Some of the smaller balloons that you can buy cost around $1.


Compared to most other grocery stores, Hannaford’s prices are slightly higher. Other stores typically sell most of their balloons for $0.99.

Does Hannaford Sell Pre-Inflated Balloons?

If you don’t have the time to purchase or inflate a balloon, Hannaford also sells pre-inflated balloons in the same area as their regular balloons. This means that you can quickly get an inflated balloon without wasting any time.