Is Fred Meyer Cheap?

Have you ever compared the prices at your neighborhood grocery store to those at other grocery stores? So stop searching now. The pricing for the 26 most popular grocery stores in the US have been compared. In order to compare these prices fairly, I subsequently developed a price index. The pricing index for each store is shown in the graph below.

Is Fred Meyer affordable? Our analysis shows that Fred Meyer has a price index of 1.49, making it more affordable than 22 of the 26 grocery retailers assessed. For reference, the pricing index’s highest rating is 3.90. which translates to Fred Meyer having an index score 2.41 points lower than the most expensive store. The bottom line is that 22 of the most well-known grocery store companies in the US have higher costs than Fred Meyer.

The most popular shopping categories (beverages, bread, canned goods, dairy, dry goods, frozen, personal care, and cleaners) are used to get prices for a variety of store brand products. The index score is then calculated by fully averaging the total prices. To create this index, more than 100 distinct prices were gathered.