ShopRite vs Stop and Shop | Which One Is Cheaper & Better For You?

Stop and shop and ShopRite or among two of the largest grocery stores in the country. Both serve thousands of customers and sell even more products every single year. But if you are deciding between the two of them, which one is better?

To help you answer this, I decided to look into three major decision-making factors that most shoppers consider when going grocery shopping:

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Variety

By the end of this article, you should have a much better understanding as to which store is right for you.

Which is Better: Shoprite or Stop and Shop? In terms of price, ShopRite is anywhere from 12% to 129% cheaper than Stop & Shop. ShopRite also has higher quality products, according to the FDA.

Is Shoprite More Expensive Than Stop and Shop?

When shopping, most customers are concerned primarily with price. Shoppers want to know that the store they are going to it’s going to save them the most money.

So, to figure out which store is cheaper, Between ShopRite and Stop & Shop, I collected the prices for the most commonly purchased store brand items. I then averaged out those prices and created the table below.

In other words, the table below contains the average prices for the most commonly purchased store brand items.

Generally speaking, ShopRite is anywhere from 12% to 129% cheaper than Stop & Shop. In other words, ShopRite is more affordable than stop and shop for a majority of store brand items.

CategoryShoprite BrandStop and Shop Brand
Baking Goods$1.00$2.29
Canned Goods$0.79$0.89
Dry Goods$0.89$0.88
Frozen Foods$1.99$1.39
Personal Care$1.00$1.29

While both stores are technically cheaper in four different shopping categories, ShopRite has the most substantial price differences compared to Stop & Shop, that’s being the cheaper option.

To further illustrate the discrepancies in price between these two stores, I created the bar chart below. As you can see from any of the categories ShopRite is significantly cheaper.

To be more specific, ShopRite is cheaper in the beverage, bread, canned goods, and personal care categories. Stop & Shop is cheaper in the dairy, dry goods, frozen goods, and cleaner category.

Depending on what you purchase, you may want to plan out where you purchase these items so that you can ensure that you are saving the most money.

Product Quality: Shoprite vs Stop and Shop

Product quality is yet another major decision making factor that most people consider before they go to a grocery store.

So, to figure out which store has the higher quality items, I took a look at the FDA‘s product recall database. This database allows anyone to view how many product recalls a certain store has had in recent years.

By seeing which store has more product recalls, we can make a decision on which store has higher quality products.

CategoryShoprite RecallsStop and Shop Recalls
Animal & Veterinary00
Dietary Supplements01
Food and Beverages919
Medical Devices00
Radiation Emitting Products00

After taking a look at the database, it is clear that ShopRite has higher quality products. ShopRite has a total of nine product recalls, whereas Stop & Shop has a total of 24.

There is a significant difference between the two stores, that clearly shows that ShopRite has higher quality products.

So, if you are someone who prefers the store with higher quality products, then ShopRite is a significantly better option for you.

Product Variety: Shoprite vs Stop and Shop

Product variety is another major consideration factor. Customers want to go to the store that they know will have a variety of options for them to pick from. So we’re taking a look at both of the stores, which store has more products?

Total Shoprite ProductsTotal Stop and Shop Products
30,000 products30,000 products

Both stores have around the same amount of items. This is expected as both are considered somewhat large grocery stores that generally have similar sized stores.

Which One Should You Shop At: Shoprite vs Stop and Shop?

When to shop at Shoprite: If you are looking for a store that has cheaper prices and higher quality products, then ShopRite is right for you. ShopRite excels in both of these categories.

When to shop at Stop and Shop: well Stop & Shop doesn’t have the lowest prices, nor the highest quality products, they do still offer decent quality items at an affordable price.