How Much Is Milk At Trader Joe’s?

Before you go out and shop at Trader Joe’s, you may be looking at the prices of different products, more specifically, milk. Unfortunately, it is really hard to find the prices of Trader Joe’s products online, as they don’t allow you to purchase their products online. So, to help you find their prices, I contacted their customer service and found out how much milk is at Trader Joe’s.


How much is Milk at Trader Joe’s? Milk at Trader Joe’s ranges from $3.09 to $5.69 per gallon. Trader Joe’s offers their milk in 3 different sizes, 1 quart, 1 half gallon, 1 full gallon. They also offer two types of milk, conventional and organic.


Conventional Organic
Gallon Whole Milk $3.59 $5.59
Gallon 2% Milk $3.39 $5.59
Gallon 1% Milk $3.19 $5.59
Gallon Fat Free $3.09 $5.59


From these findings it seems that their organic milk is more expensive than their conventional options. More specifically, their organic milk options are $2.00 to $2.50 more expensive than their conventional milk options.


The customer service representative specified that they offer milk in 3 different sizes: Quart, Half Gallon, and Gallon. These sizes are quite typical in most grocery stores because they are the most common sizes purchased by customers.

Trader Joe’s Milk vs Other Grocery Stores

So, how does Trader Joe’s milk price compare to other popular grocery chains? To help you figure this out, I took a look at 3 other grocery store’s 1 gallon milk options, so you can see if you are getting the best deal on your milk.


Trader Joe’s Wegmans Whole Foods Safeway
Whole Milk $3.59 $3.09 $3.99 $3.79
2% Milk $3.39 $2.79 $3.99 $3.59
1% Milk $3.19 $2.59 $3.99 $3.59
Fat Free $3.09 $2.59 $3.99 $3.59
Organic Whole Milk $5.59 $5.69 $5.99 $6.29
Organic 2% $5.59 $5.69 $5.99 $6.29
Organic 1% $5.59 $5.69 $5.99 $6.29
Organic Fat Free $5.59 $5.69 $5.99 $6.29


After contacting customer service from each of these stores, I was able to gather the prices for the conventional and organic gallon milk. It seems from these findings that Wegmans offers the best prices on conventional milk, whereas Trader Joe’s offers the best prices on organic milk.


Wegmans milk appears to be anywhere from $0.50 to $1.40 cheaper than the other stores for conventional milk, and Trader Joe’s is about $0.10 to $0.70 cheaper than other stores for organic milk.

Where is Milk at Trader Joe’s?

In most Trader Joe’s locations, the milk can be found in the refrigerator aisle. The refrigerator aisle will either be located all the way to the left, right or back of the store.


Most Trader Joe stores are designed very similarly, so no matter which one you go to, you will be likely to find the milk in the same section. From what I found, they are typically found in the back of the store, but there are a few that have them on the left or right wall of the store.