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Does Kroger Cash Lottery Tickets?

Whether you just struck it big, or just won a bit of extra pocket change, winning some money from the lottery is a great feeling. However, in order to receive the cash earnings, you need to find a place to redeem your lottery ticket. If Kroger is your grocery store of choice, or is just the closest store to you, you might be wondering whether or not they cash lottery tickets.


So, to help you figure out whether or not Kroger cashes lottery tickets, we reached out to their customer service representative and asked them everything you need to know about cashing your lottery tickets and scratch-offs.


Does Kroger Cash Lotto Tickets? Kroger can cash your lottery tickets, scratch-offs, and mega millions tickets at their in-store locations. Any winning tickets (that are of $600 in value or less) can be brought to Kroger to be exchanged for cash.


How To Cash A Lottery Ticket at Kroger

Once you have a winning ticket, you then have to go and cash it. While it may sound like a simple process, it might be a bit confusing on where to go in the store. So, we made a short list of steps below that will walk you through exactly what you need to do to cash your lotto ticket at Kroger:


  1. Find the customer service section in the store
  2. Present them with the winning ticket
  3. Wait for the customer service employee to withdraw cash amount from the register
  4. Cash out!


Something to note is that if your ticket winnings are over $600, you can not cash your ticket at Kroger, or any grocery store. In order to cash a ticket of high value (anything above $600), you must fill out your state lottery office’s prize redemption form. You can find that form here. The reason you need to file this form is because anything above $600 is subject to tax and must be properly recorded through the official lottery offices.


Where Are the Lottery Tickets at Kroger?

Most Kroger locations keep their lottery tickets and scratch-offs near the customer service section (typically at the front of the store). Lottery tickets are mainly sold from behind the counter, whereas scratch-offs can be purchased from a vending machine. Every store is a bit different, so if you can’t seem to find what you are looking for, it is best to ask an employee at your store.


Can You Cash a Lottery Ticket That You Didn’t Buy at Kroger?

If you are caught in a situation where you purchased a winning lottery ticket or scratch-off at a different store, but only have a Kroger nearby, you might want to know if you are still allowed to cash your ticket there.


According to customer service, you can cash a lottery ticket at any Kroger location regardless of where you purchased the ticket. In other words, Kroger will cash any type of lottery ticket or scratch off, even if you purchased it at another store that is not a Kroger.


Can You Buy Lottery Tickets at Kroger?

Yes, many Kroger locations sell lottery tickets. Certain states may have laws prohibiting grocery stores from selling tickets, so below is a table of the states that allow the sale of lottery tickets in grocery stores.


Does Kroger Sell Scratch-Offs?

In addition to regular lottery tickets, Kroger also sells scratch-off tickets to customers. This means that customers can purchase tickets and redeem any winning tickets at any Kroger location.


In most Kroger stores, these scratch off tickets can be found in the same area that lottery tickets are sold, which is typically near the customer service section. You should be able to find the scratch offs either in a vending machine or behind the customer service counter.


Does Kroger Sell Mega Millions?

Alongside the sale of regular lottery tickets and scratch-offs, Kroger does infact offer customers Mega Millions lottery tickets, which can be found near the customer service section of the store.


Can You Buy Lottery Tickets at a Kroger Gas Station?

In the case where you are only able to go to a Kroger gas station, can you still purchase and redeem your lotto tickets there?


Just like the grocery store, Kroger gas stations also sell lottery tickets for customers to purchase. In a situation where you win from your lotto ticket, you are also able to cash and redeem your rewards at their gas station locations.


Does Kroger Take Credit Card for Lottery Tickets?

If you have decided that you want to purchase a lotto ticket, or a scratch-off, but you only have your credit card with you, can you still purchase it?


Unfortunately, any lottery tickets or scratch-offs can not be purchased with a credit card and must be purchased with either cash or a debit card at Kroger. 


The main reason why Kroger does not allow credit cards when purchasing lottery tickets, is to prevent any credit card fraud that might occur if a customer cancels their card after purchasing a lottery ticket.