Is Kroger Cheap?

Do you want to know if your local grocery store is cheaper compared to other popular stores? I’ve compared prices of the 26 most common grocery stores in the US and created a price index to level the playing field. The chart below shows each store’s index.

Is Kroger cheap? According to our research, Kroger has a price index of 1.47, making it cheaper than 24 of 26 surveyed stores. The highest index score is 3.90, and Kroger’s score of 1.47 is 2.43 points lower, meaning lower prices than 24 popular US grocery stores.

The index score is calculated by averaging the prices of store brand products across 8 common shopping categories (Beverage, Bread, Canned Goods, Dairy, Dry Goods, Frozen, Personal Care, and Cleaner). Over 100 prices were collected to arrive at the index.