Is Ralph’s Cheap?

Have you ever pondered how affordable your neighborhood supermarket was in compared to other grocery stores? Then stop your search. The 26 most popular grocery stores in the US were compared in terms of pricing. I then developed a price index to compare these costs on an equal footing. Here is a graph showing the price index for each store.

Is Ralphs affordable? Ralphs has a pricing index of 1.87, which implies that it is less expensive than 14 out of the 26 grocery stores we surveyed. For comparison, the pricing index’s maximum score is 3.90. It indicates that Ralphs’ index score is 2.03 points lower than the score of the most expensive shop. In essence, this means that Ralphs offers pricing that are cheaper than those of 14 of the most well-known grocery store chains in the US.

The costs of various store brand products are gathered from the most popular shopping categories (beverage, bread, canned goods, dairy, dry goods, frozen, personal care, and cleaner), and the total price is totally averaged out to determine this index score. This index’s calculation required the collection of over 100 individual prices.