Does Ralphs Blow Up Balloons?

If you’re interested in getting balloons blown up at your local Ralph’s, it is best to know whether they even offer it as a service. Well some grocery stores Duplo balloons for the customers others do not. So, to figure out if they do, I contacted their customer service department and asked  them directly.

Does Ralphs Blow Up Balloons? According to the customer service representative, Ralphs does blow up balloons for their customers in their stores. Customers can either purchase the balloon in-store and get it inflated, or bring a balloon from home to get it inflated. It costs anywhere from one dollar to $14 to get a balloon inflated at Ralphs.

How Much Does Ralphs Charge To Blow Up Balloons?

Depending on the size of the balloon, and the material, It can cost anywhere from $1 to $13.99 to blow up balloons at Ralphs. At Ralph’s, mylar balloons are a bit more expensive than latex balloons.

Unlike most other grocery stores, Ralph’s charges you for the balloon and four balloon inflation. Typically, if you purchase the balloon in store, you won’t need to pay to get the balloons blown up. However, Ralph’s charges for both.

So, it is a bit more expensive to get your balloons blown up at Ralph’s in comparison to other grocery stores. However if it is the only grocery store in your area that does this, it is likely worth the cost.

Will Ralphs Fill Up Balloons That Aren’t Purchased In The Store?

If you don’t feel like purchasing balloons in store, Ralph’s will also inflate balloons that you bring from home. This means if you have any balloons lying around, you can bring them into the store to get blown up.

As mentioned above, you will be charged anywhere from $1 to $13 to inflate your balloon.

Where Is The Balloon Section At Ralphs?

The balloon section at Ralph’s is located within the floral section. So all you need to do is navigate to where they sell flowers, and the balloon section should be there as well.

Most grocery stores have their balloon department within their flower department as they are both relatively small, that’s it makes sense to combine them into one section.

So, the employees who sell flowers, will also be the same ones who will blow up your balloons for you at Ralph’s.

Does Ralphs Sell Pre-Inflated Balloons?

If you don’t have time to wait for balloons to get inflated, Ralph’s also sells pre-inflated balloons. These are balloons that they fill up at the beginning of the day that customers can simply pick and pay for.

So if you do find yourself in a bit of a rush, then you can simply purchase a pre-inflated balloon from Ralph’s.