Asda vs Sainsbury | Which One Is Cheaper & Better?

Asda and Sainsbury are among two of the largest grocery stores in the country. They serve thousands of customers and sell even more products annually. However, despite the fact that they are both so well-known, not many people know which one is better.

To help you figure this out, I compared these stores based on two major decision making factors:

  • Price
  • Quality

By the end of this article you should have a much better understanding of which store is better for you.

Which one is better: Sainsbury or Asda? In terms of price, Asda is a bit cheaper than Sainsbury, having items that are anywhere from 7% to 30% cheaper. Additionally, Asda has higher and better quality products than Sainsbury, according to the Food Standard Agency.

Which One Is Cheaper: Sainsbury vs Asda

Price is one of the biggest decision-making factors when it comes to shopping for groceries. In other words, most consumers would rather shop at a store that offers them the best price. So when taking a look at Sainsbury and Asda, which one is cheaper?

To figure this out, I collected the prices of commonly purchased store brand items and averaged them out over a number of different categories. This allowed me to compare the prices from each store on an apples to apples basis.

Asda is slightly cheaper for a majority of commonly purchased storebrand items compared to Sainsbury. More specifically, Asda is anywhere from 7% to 30% cheaper than Sainsbury.

I created a bar chart below to better depict the difference between store prices.

There are two categories in which Sainsbury is actually the cheaper option. The frozen vegetables category and beverages category. Other than that Asda is the cheaper option for the other categories.

So if you were looking to save money on your groceries, then Asda is the right choice for you.

Which Store Has Better Quality: Sainsbury vs Asda

Product quality is yet another decision-making factor when it comes to picking which grocery store is best for you. Many consumers wanna make sure that the products they are buying are safe. So to figure out which store has better quality products, I took a look at the Food standard Agency’s database.

This database shows how many product recalls a certain store has had in recent years. The more product recalls a store has had, the lower quality of products that they likely have.

Sainsbury has had 43 recent product recalls, whereas Asda has had 36 recent product recalls.

So from this, we can infer that Asda has higher quality products. So if you prefer buying higher quality products, then Asda is the better place for you to shop.

Final Thoughts: Sainsbury vs Asda

After looking at the data, it is clear that if you prefer cheaper prices and higher quality, as that is the best choice for you.

However it should be noted that both grocery stores are great options. They both offer affordable pricing and a very high standard of quality in their stores. No matter which one you shop at you will be in very good hands.