Tesco vs Asda | Which One Is Cheaper & Better For You?

Tesco and Asda are two of the largest grocery store chains in the country. Both of them serve hundreds of thousands of customers, and sell even more products. But if you are deciding between the two of them, which one is better?

To help you figure this out, I compared these two stories based on two major decision-making factors:

  • Price
  • Quality

After you get through this article you should have a much better understanding of which store is right for you.

Which one is better: Tesco or Asda? Asda is anywhere from 2% to 42% cheaper than Tesco for a variety of commonly purchased storebrand items. Additionally, Asda has higher quality products than Tesco according to the Food Standards Agency.

Which One Is Cheaper: Tesco vs Asda

To see which store has cheaper prices, I took a look at the most commonly purchased store brand items and averaged each price out. From what I found, Asda has cheaper items in a majority of shopping categories. Below is a chart that further breaks down the average prices for these common items.

The one category where Tesco has higher prices is in the milk and dairy category. So depending on what you are purchasing, you are more likely going to save more money if you shop at Asda in comparison to Tesco.

Which Store Has Better Quality: Tesco vs Asda

The quality of products is another incredibly important factor in making a decision between which grocery store is better. So to see if either Tesco or Asda has better quality products, I decided to look at the Food Standards Agency recall database.

This database shows how many product recalls a particular store has had in recent times. So Ice searched for both Tesco recalls and Asda recalls.

From the database, it appears that Tesco has had 46 recalls and Asda has had 36 recalls. This suggests that Asda has higher quality products due to the fact that they don’t have as many product recalls.

In other words, Asda likely has higher quality products than Tesco.

Final Thoughts: Tesco vs Asda

So if product prices and product quality are very high on your decision making factor list, then Asda is the right store for you to buy your groceries at.

It should be mentioned that while Asda seems to have generally cheaper prices and higher quality products, Tesco is still a great grocery store to shop at.