Waitrose vs Asda | Which Is Cheaper & Better For You?

Waitrose and Asda are among two of the largest grocery stores in the country. However not many people know which one is better. So, to figure this out, I compare the store is based on two major decision making factors:

  • Price
  • Quality

By the end of this article you should have a much better understanding as to which grocery store is right for you.

Which one is better: Waitrose or Asda? In terms of price, Asda is much cheaper than Waitrose for most of their commonly purchased storebrand items. More specifically, Asda is anywhere from 8% to 42% cheaper than Waitrose. Additionally, Asda has higher quality products in their stores, according to the Food Standard Agency.

Which One Is Cheaper: Waitrose vs Asda

Price is one of the biggest decision-making factors when it comes to shopping at a grocery store. Shoppers like to save as much money as they can, so most shoppers would pick the store who offers cheaper prices. 

So, to find out which store has cheaper prices, I logged different product prices for a variety of commonly purchased storebrand items. I then averaged those prices out and compared them to one another.

From what I found, Asda was anywhere from 8% to 42% cheaper than Waitrose. The only category where Waitrose was cheaper than Asda was in the milk category. Below is a bar graph to better depict the differences between the two stores prices:

Which Store Has Better Quality: Waitrose vs Asda

Another major consideration that many shoppers look at is product quality. They want to make sure that what they are buying from the grocery store is safe to purchase. So, between Waitrose and Asda, which one has better quality?

To figure this out, I took a look at the food standard agency database. This database provides the amount of product recalls that a store has had in recent times. So, whichever store has the lower amount of product recalls is likely the store with higher quality products.

According to the Food Standard Agency, Waitrose has had 47 product recalls whereas Asda has had 36 product recalls.

So if you are a shopper that prioritizes product quality, then Asda is the right store for you.

Final Thoughts: Waitrose vs Asda

After this analysis, it is clear that Asda not only has cheaper prices, but also higher quality products. It’s important to know that Asda is not marginally better, according to the data, they are significantly better in both aspects of grocery shopping.

However it should be noted that while Asda is the better store on paper, both stores are actually great options for you to pick from. They both have great reputations. Both stores are high-quality, and offer very affordable pricing. No matter where you shop you will be in good hands.