Does Food Lion Price Match? 

Price matching is a common practice for many large retailers. If you are a loyal Food Lion shopper, you may be interested in knowing their policy. After all, if you see your favorite item on sale at a competitor, will Food Lion honor that price? I contacted Food Lion’s customer service to find out. 


Does Food Lion Price Match? 

No, Food Lion does not price match. The Food Lion representative I spoke to said the company does not have a price matching policy. However, local store managers can decide whether or not they want to participate in price matching. 


The team member I spoke to did check a few stores near me and none of them participated. So, if you are curious about price matching at your local Food Lion, give them a call.


Why Doesn’t Food Lion Price Match?

The main reason why Food Lion doesn’t price match is that they likely do not have the economies of scale to be able to afford it. In other words, Food Lion is not a big enough establishment to be able to afford to do price matching. If they did do price matching, they would not be able to make as much profit off of their products.