What Aisle Is Cheez Whiz In?

If you are at your local grocery store, and Cheez Whiz is on your list, you may have some trouble finding which aisle it is in. Many shoppers go through this dilemma of not being able to find some of the simplest products in the store. However, it is not your fault, most grocery stores do not have these specific items noted on their aisle signs, so it is very hard to find. So if you are wondering where the Cheez Whiz is in the grocery store, you have come to the right place.


To help you find it, I contacted 13 of the most common grocery store chains (like Walmart and Publix) and asked their customer service representatives where they keep the Cheez Whiz.


What aisle is Cheez Whiz in? Cheez Whiz can be found in either the condiments or sauces aisle in the grocery store. It is in the same aisle as ketchup and mustard, or tomato sauce and pasta.


Cheez Whiz Aisle By Store

Depending on where you shop, the location of the Cheez Whiz may vary, so below is a breakdown of each grocery store chain and which aisle they keep the Cheez Whiz in. Most grocery stores follow the same type of categorization, which is why the Cheez Whiz is in similar aisles at each grocery store.


Store Name What Aisle Is Cheez Whiz In?
Walmart Condiments Aisle
Whole Foods Sauces Aisle
Shoprite Condiments Aisle
Kroger Sauces Aisle
Stop and Shop Sauces Aisle
Safeway Condiments Aisle
Target Sauces Aisle
Publix Sauces Aisle
Wegmans Condiments Aisle
Harris Teeter Sauces Aisle
Fred Meyer Condiments Aisle
HEB Condiments Aisle
Food Lion Sauces Aisle


Do Grocery Stores Store Brand Cheez Whiz?

After chatting with the customer service representatives, it seems that almost all grocery stores have their own store brand version of Cheez Whiz. It can be found in the same aisle as the regular Cheez Whiz.


Final Thoughts: Cheez Whiz In The Grocery Store

So, now you don’t have to spend as much time looking for the Cheez Whiz in the grocery store. After speaking with the customer service representatives, it seemed like most of them didn’t know what aisle it was in off the top of their heads. So, this proves that it is one of those items that most people know about, but have no clue where it is located.


If you don’t seem to find it in your local store, just check with the customer service desk and they will let you know where it is. But you should be able to find it based off of the table above.