Where Is Prune Juice In The Grocery Store

Prune juice is sold by most grocery chains. But, it is one of those items that may not be available at every local store. 


That’s the reason we recommend a quick phone call to customer service before making a special trip. Where can you find this natural laxative if you are already in the store? I contacted several popular chains to find out where they stock Prune Juice.


Where Can You Find Prune Juice In Popular Grocery Chains? In all likelihood, you will find Prune Juice in the fruit juice aisle at your local supermarket, if they carry it.


Store Name Prune Juice Aisle
Walmart Fruit Juice Aisle
Whole Foods Fruit Juice Aisle
Shoprite Fruit Juice Aisle
Kroger Fruit Juice Aisle
Stop and Shop Fruit Juice Aisle
Safeway Fruit Juice Aisle
Target Fruit Juice Aisle
Publix Fruit Juice Aisle
Wegmans Fruit Juice Aisle
Harris Teeter Fruit Juice Aisle
Fred Meyer Fruit Juice Aisle
HEB Fruit Juice Aisle
Food Lion Fruit Juice Aisle


What Does Prune Juice Look Like in the Store?

Prune juice is sold in a variety of sizes and bottled in different types of containers. The single serve 5.5 ounce varieties are available in cans and can be purchased individually or in multi-packs.


If you are looking for something larger, you’ll typically find either a 32, 48 or 64 ounce glass or plastic container on the shelves. When the label isn’t concealing the entire vessel, you will get a sneak peek at the dark liquid inside.


How Much Does Prune Juice Cost?

The cost of Prune Juice varies from $3.99 to $5.99. Most of the stores carry the 64 ounce container while others stock the 32 or 48 ounce bottles. Expect to pay anywhere between $0.08 and $0.18 per ounce for these. Buying the organic brands will increase the cost significantly, sometimes by several dollars. Of course, the actual price you pay will also be influenced by your location.


Store Name Prune Juice Price and Size
Walmart $5.28 for 64oz
Whole Foods $5.99 for 32oz
Shoprite $3.99 for 48oz
Kroger $5.32 for 64oz
Stop and Shop $5.29 for 64oz
Safeway $5.49 for 64oz
Target $5.99 for 64oz (not generic)
Publix $5.37 for 48oz (not generic)
Wegmans $4.99 for 64oz
Harris Teeter $4.69 for 64oz
Fred Meyer $5.32 for 64oz
HEB $5.13 for 64oz
Food Lion $5.49 for 48oz (not generic)
Lidl – 


Is Prune Juice Expensive?

Overall, Prune Juice is not expensive. The actual amount you pay will be influenced by the size and brand of the product, and where you buy it.