Does Food Lion Blow Up Balloons?

If you are in need of getting balloons blown up, you may have thought to go to your local Food Lion. But before you spend the time to go there, it’s best to know if they even offer balloon inflation services. While some grocery stores do offer balloon inflation services, others do not.

So, to figure out whether or not Food Lion blows up balloons, I called their customer service department and asked them directly. Below is the information that I found out about Food Lion and their balloon inflation services.

Does Food Lion Fill Balloons? According to their customer service representative, Food Lion does not inflate or blow up balloons. They do not have a dedicated section in their store to inflate balloons for their customers.

So, if you need to get your balloons blown up, then you will have to look elsewhere as a Food Lion does not offer balloon inflation service. 

Why Doesn’t Food Lion Blow Up Balloons?

There are two main reasons why Food Lion likely does not blow up balloons in their stores.

  • Too expensive
  • Not within core specialties

Food Lion Blowing Up Balloons: Too Expensive

The first reason why Food Lion does not likely blow up balloons for the customers is that it is too expensive to have a balloon inflation department. Generally speaking, balloon purchases do not make up a significant portion of a grocery store’s income.

So it doesn’t make sense for them to invest money into a service that will not return significant profit. 

Food Lion Blowing Up Balloons: Not Within Core Specialties

Another reason why Food Lion does not likely blow up balloons is because it’s not within their core specialties. In other words their main priority is to focus on consumable goods, not necessarily balloons.

So it would be a bit difficult for them to establish a balloon inflation section in their store, when they don’t necessarily have the core specialty to do so.

Does Food Lion Sell Balloons?

While they may not inflate balloons, many customers still wonder if Food Lion sells balloons. In other words, does Food Lion sell non-inflated balloons?

After talking to their customer service representative, they stated that Food Lion does not sell balloons in their stores. So, even if you didn’t want to get balloons inflated, you wouldn’t even be able to purchase them in the store.

Final Thoughts: Does Food Lion Blow Up Balloons?

So, if you are interested in going to Food Lion for any balloon related purchase, you won’t find anything useful. It seems as though the store’s main focus is on consumable goods, and not on things like balloon inflation, or balloon sales. So it’s best to figure out a different local store near you that does offer this service.