Does Publix Have A Cashback Limit?

The convenience of getting cashback at Publix is great. They allow you to quickly get your hands on cash without even leaving the store. Whether it is at self checkout, with a cashier, or at the customer service desk, there are many places that you can get it.


But if you need a fairly large amount of cash, you may be wondering how much cashback does Publix allow? In other words, what is the limit on cashback in Publix’s stores? To help you answer this question, I spoke with Publix’s customer service representatives to find out how much cashback they let you get.


Does Publix Have A Cashback Limit? Publix has a limit on cashback of $50. This means that customers who are looking to get cashback using their debit cards can get a maximum of $50.


Why Does Publix Have A Cashback Limit?

The main reason why Publix has a cashback limit is because they do not have a lot of cash on hand to support everyone’s cashback needs. For example, if 10 customers want to get $500 worth of cashback at the store, that means that Publix needs to give out $5,000. 


They may not have that much cash at one time, or if they do, they will likely run out of cash before the end of the day, which means that other customers won’t be able to get change or get their own cashback.


How To Get Cashback At Publix

To get cashback is very simple at Publix and only requires a few steps:


  1. Go to the cashier/self-checkout/customer service desk
  2. Scan your groceries
  3. Insert your card to pay
  4. Select ‘Yes’ when presented with the Cashback screen
  5. Select the amount you’d like
  6. Take the cash


Getting cash back is really simple and takes about 1 minute to do once you have your groceries.


Where Can You Get Cashback From At Publix?

How do you go about getting cashback at Publix? You generally have 3 places to pick from if you want to get cashback at Publix. The first option is the cashier. The cashier will be able to provide you with cash. The second option is the self-checkout area. The machine will print out the requested amount of money for you. The last option is the customer service desk. They also give you the option to get cash there too.

Cashback Options

Now that you know there is a limit to the amount of cashback you can get at Publix, what are your options for cashback. Generally speaking, there are 5 cashback options you can pick from.


  • $5
  • $10
  • $15
  • $20
  • Other


The ‘other’ cashback option allows you to enter in a specific amount of money that you’d like. Whether it is $30, $45, etc. you can request it using the ‘other’ option. As long as this specific request is either equal to or less than $50, you can ask for any specific amount.


Does Publix Charge A Fee To Get Cashback?

If you are wondering how much it costs to get cashback at Publix, you will be pleasantly surprised. Publix does not charge any fees if their customers are looking to get cashback. In other words, it is totally free to do cashback at Publix.


Other stores sometimes do charge a fee for doing cashback so it is a bit of a luxury that Publix does not charge.


Can You Use Credit And Debit For Cashback At Publix?

According to the customer service representative, Publix only allows you to use your debit card for cashback transactions. So you are not able to use a credit card if you want to get cashback. Most grocery stores do operate this way, although there are a few that allow you to use your credit card as well.