Does Publix Cash Lottery Tickets?


Whether you have just won on your lottery ticket, or you wanted to know what places you are able to cash a lottery ticket, Publix may have crossed your mind. Chances are, you are looking to cash this ticket, but are not sure if Publix even offers this service. At first glance, it may not seem like a grocery store, such as Publix, would even cash lottery tickets for you. However, the answer may surprise you.


To help you with this, I contacted Publix Customer Service directly so you can get a quick and reliable answer to your question.


Does Publix Cash Lotto Tickets? Yes, Publix will cash any lottery ticket, scratch-off, Powerball, or Mega Millions tickets in their stores. When you have your winning lottery ticket, bring it over to the customer service desk, and they will cash the lotto ticket for you.


How To Cash A Lottery Ticket at Publix

Now, if you have a winning lotto ticket, you are probably looking to cash it in as soon as possible, but how do you do that? It’s actually quite simple and only requires a few simple steps. Most other grocery stores, like Kroger and Walmart, have similar methods of cashing in your winning ticket.


Steps To Cash A Winning Lotto Ticket

  1. Bring your winning lottery ticket to the customer service desk.
  2. Hand the customer service employee your winning ticket
  3. Verify your identification with the employee
  4. Enjoy your winnings


It should be said that any winnings over $600 must be filed through your state’s lottery association. They will have you fill out a simple form, similar to this one, and you will be sent your winnings from there. Publix will not be able to cash a lottery ticket that is over $600 in value.

Where Are the Lottery Tickets at Publix?

Most Publix locations sell their lottery tickets in the customer service section. Typically, at the customer service desk, they will have an area for you to purchase your lottery tickets, which includes PowerBall and Mega Millions. 


If you are looking for scratch offs, those are either located behind the customer service desk, or in a vending machine near the customer service area. Depending on your location, scratch offs may be sold in either one of these locations.

Can You Cash a Lottery Ticket That You Didn’t Buy at Publix?

Yes, you can cash a lottery ticket that you didn’t buy at Publix. However, it should be noted that the lottery ticket must have been purchased in the same state as the Publix location. 


For example, if you purchased the lottery ticket in Alabama, and want to cash the lottery ticket at a Publix in Florida, you will not be allowed to. However, if you purchased the lottery ticket in Florida, and want to cash it at a Publix in Florida, you will have no issues cashing the ticket.


Does Publix Sell Scratch-Offs?

If you are also interested in purchasing scratch offs, and not just PowerBall or Mega Millions tickets, you can do that too.


All Publix locations sell scratch offs at their customer service desks. They can either be found behind the desk or in a nearby vending machine.


Does Publix Sell Mega Millions?

If you are an exclusive Mega Millions patron, then you are in luck. Publix sells Mega Millions tickets at all of their in store locations (for participating states). 


This means that as long as you are in a state where the Mega Millions is legal, then you should not have any issue purchasing one or more Mega Millions lottery tickets at Publix. 




Does Publix Take Credit Card for Lottery Tickets

No, you can not purchase any lottery item using a credit card. All lottery tickets and scratch offs must be purchased with cash at Publix. 


Unfortunately, you can not use your credit card to purchase any type of lottery product at Publix. Certain grocery stores do have this rule as a means to minimize risk, in case a customer decides to dispute the charge on a winning lottery ticket.