Does Safeway Print Pictures On Cakes?

Regardless of the occasion, getting a custom photo printed cake is a great way to celebrate. There are many places that offer the service, but a few more curious about whether or not the Safeway prints pictures on cakes, then you have come to the right place.


I contacted Safeway’s customer service to find out everything there is to know about their custom photo cakes.


Does Safeway print pictures on cakes? Yes, Safeway does print custom photos on their cakes. All you need to do is bring your photo to their bakery section and request a custom cake. The price ranges a bit, but for a cake that feeds 10 people, a custom photo cake will cost around $27.99 in total.


How to order a custom photo cake from Safeway

In order to get your customized photo cake from Safeway, there are a few steps that you need to take. 


  • Grab your photo that you want to be printed on the cake
  • Bring your photo into the bakery section of Safeway
  • Give the photo to the baker and choose what size of cake do you want


Once you provide the baker with your image in the size of the cake, they will then take that image and print it onto the cake that you’d like.


How Long Does It Take Safeway To Print Photos On Cakes?


Depending on what other types of decorations and customizations you want to do to the cake, it generally takes anywhere from an hour to a few days before your order is ready.


Another factor on how long a custom cake will take is the time of the year. Generally, if there is a holiday approaching, the bakery will have more orders to fulfill than normal. This means that you are likely going to have to wait much longer to get your photo cake. Make sure you ask in advance how long the cake will take so that it is ready before you need it.

How much does a custom photo cake cost at Safeway?

The cost of a custom photo cake at Safeway strictly depends on the size of the cake that you want. The most standard size, which feeds about 10 people, will cost about $27.99 in total which includes the custom photo.


Obviously, if you are looking to buy a smaller cake, then the price will be less, and if you are looking for a cake that is larger than this, you will have to pay slightly more.