Can Walmart Print A Receipt?

Keeping track of receipts can be quite difficult, especially if you go grocery shopping quite frequently. With so many to keep track of, chances are, you may have lost a receipt or needed a reprint more than once. If you have found yourself in need of a reprinted receipt from Walmart, you may have wondered if they even allow reprints, or how to go about getting one. 


We got into contact with customer service to answer all of your questions around receipt reprints. 


Can Walmart reprint a receipt? According to a Walmart customer service representative, Walmart can reprint a receipt at the register for a few days after the transaction is made. Once a few days pass, the customer must contact customer service directly to get a copy of their receipt.



Can Walmart Look Up a Receipt in Store?


Yes, Walmart is able to look up receipts in store if you are in need of a digital or re-printed copy.


While you are in a Walmart store location, you can make your way to their customer service section and ask for them to look up a past receipt. They will ask you to provide certain information, such as:


  • Purchase Date
  • Purchase Amount
  • Card Type & Card Number (if paid for by a credit/debit card)


Once they have this information, they will be able to show you a copy of your receipt and reprint a paper copy if you would like.


What Do I Do If I Lost My Walmart Receipt?


You can get a copy of a lost Walmart receipt. In fact, there are a couple ways that you can recover a lost Walmart receipt:


  1. Ask an in-store customer service representative for a reprint of a receipt.
  2. Use Walmart’s receipt look up tool to get a digital copy of your receipt.



How to Look up a Lost Walmart Receipt


If you find yourself in the situation where you need to look up an older Walmart receipt, you can look up any receipt through their receipt look up tool


How to Use Walmart’s Receipt Look-Up Tool

  1. Enter in the date of the receipt that you are trying to look up.
  2. Pick the card type that you paid with (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc.).
  3. Enter the last 4 digits of the card you paid with.
  4. Enter the approx. purchase total.


Once you complete these steps you should be able to access your old receipt with the purchases made.


Can Walmart Look up Receipts by Serial Number?


Walmart can look up a receipt by the serial number of the product(s) purchased.


If you provide customer service with the serial number of the product you purchased, you will be able to view the corresponding receipt. When you need to provide the serial number, you can look towards the bottom of the receipt for an 18-digit code.


How far back can Walmart look up receipts?


According to a Walmart customer service representative, the in store representatives can only look up a receipt for a few days after the receipt was printed. If the receipt is more than a few days old, then the customer must contact a customer service representative at 1-800-925-6278. 


In addition to this option, customers can also look up older receipts (if you paid with a credit or debit card) by using Walmart’s receipt look up tool.


What Is the Best Way to Help Locate a Lost/Old Walmart Receipt?


The best way to locate a lost or old Walmart receipt is by providing the TC number at the bottom of the receipt (right above the bar code). This code corresponds directly to the transaction, which includes all of the items purchased.


By providing customer service or the cashier with this number, you will quickly be able to find and reprint a copy of the desired receipt.


Chances are though, you don’t keep track of the TC number for your receipts, but because it is so useful, this could be a helpful tip to make sure you never lose a receipt in the future.