Tesco vs Waitrose| Which One Is Cheaper & Better For You

If you are a frequent grocery shopper, then chances are you heard of Tesco and Waitrose. Both are very well-established grocery stores and provide customers with thousands of products. But if you have shopped at both, you may have wondered which one is better. In other words, which one has better prices and better product quality?


To help you figure out whether Tesco‘s or waitress is better, I did a little bit of research to find which one has better prices and better quality products.


Which one is better: Tesco or Waitrose? Tesco is cheaper than Waitrose for most products by a range of 2% to 34%. Tesco also has higher quality products than Waitrose, according to the Food Standards Agency.


Which One Is Cheaper: Tesco vs Waitrose

Price is arguably the largest consideration when picking between grocery stores. So when we take a look at the prices between Tesco and Waitrose, which one is cheaper? To figure this out I looked at a bunch of commonly purchased store brand items and averaged their prices out. Here is what I found.


On average, Tesco is cheaper than Waitrose for a variety of their items. More specifically, Tesco is anywhere from 2% to 34% cheaper than Waitrose. 


The only category where Tesco is more expensive than Waitrose is in the Frozen Vegetables category, by about 11%. So, if you are looking to save money, chances are you will be spending much less when you shop at Tesco.


Something to note is that I was not able to gather enough information on Tesco’s ‘canned goods’ to be able to include it in this graph, which is why it does not have an average price.

Which Store Has Better Quality: Tesco vs Waitrose

To get a better idea of which store has better quality products, I took a look at the food standards agency database. This database shows all recent product recalls that individual stores have had in recent times. By taking a look at which store, between Tesco and Waitrose, has had more product recalls, it will be easier to tell which one has better quality products.


According to the Food Standards Agency, Tesco has had 37 recalls and Waitrose has had 39 recalls. This means that Waitrose is slightly more likely to have lower quality items.


Although it is just a marginal difference between the two, Tesco does have a lower overall total of product recalls, meaning that their products are likely higher quality than Waitrose.

Final Thoughts: Tesco vs Waitrose

So after this analysis, it does seem apparent that Tesco is slightly better than Waitrose. Not only do they offer generally lower prices, but they seem to have higher quality products. So make sure to keep this information in mind the next time you go out to pick up groceries.


However it should be noted that both of these stores are among some of the top grocery retailers in the country. So no matter where you shop, you will still be getting decent prices and decent quality products.