Where Is Lemon Curd In The Grocery Store?

Lemon curd can be used for a variety of recipes. Its sweet and sour taste can make any dish more unique. But before you cook it, you have to go out and buy it. If you are browsing the supermarket aisles looking for lemon curd, but have no clue where it is, then you have come to the right place.


I got into contact with customer service representatives from 13 of the most popular grocery store chains (like Walmart, Shoprite, Whole Foods, etc.). I asked each store what aisle they kept the lemon curd. Below are their responses.


Where is Lemon Curd found in the grocery store? According to 12 major grocery store chains, the lemon curd can be found in either the canned goods aisle, or the preserved fruits and fruit spread aisle. You will be able to find it alongside other canned goods or near the peanut butter and jelly. 


Where Can You Find Lemon Curd In Popular Grocery Chains?

While most of the grocery stores that we called had them in similar aisles, it’s best to break down which specific aisle each grocery store has the lemon curd. Based on the information that each customer service representative from each grocery store gave, below is where the lemon curd is located in some of the most popular grocery store chains.


Store Name What Aisle is the Lemon Curd In?
Walmart Peanut butter and fruit spreads
Whole Foods Canned goods
Shoprite Fruit spreads & canned goods
Kroger Canned goods
Stop and Shop Fruit Spreads
Safeway Canned goods
Target Peanut butter and fruit spreads
Publix Canned goods
Wegmans Canned goods
Harris Teeter Fruit spreads & canned goods
Fred Meyer Peanut butter and fruit spreads
HEB Canned goods
Food Lion Fruit spreads


Generally speaking, the aisle location of lemon curd was split down the middle between the fruit spreads and canned goods. In certain stores, like Shoprite and Harris Teeter, it was actually located in both. In other words, there are certain stores where the lemon curd is located in multiple places.

What Does Lemon Curd Look Like in the Store?

If you locate the aisle where the lemon curd is, you still may have trouble actually finding it because you don’t know what it looks like. Most lemon curds are continued in a clear glass jar. So, look for a glass jar with a yellow paste/liquid in it, and that will likely be the lemon curd.


How Much Does Lemon Curd Cost?

Most grocery stores sell lemon curd for about $5. The range of prices that I have seen is anywhere from $3 to $7.


There are a variety of brands that I found, although there are very few store brand lemon curds. In other words, not many stores make their own brand of lemon curd, so you are going to have to purchase the lemon curd from a 3rd party vendor.


Is Lemon Curd Expensive?

After looking at other preservatives and canned/jarred fruit, it seems that lemon curd is average in terms of price. In comparison to similar products, lemon curd is by no means expensive. It is quite an affordable product.