Where Is Cool Whip In The Grocery Store? (Which Aisle?)

Whether it is for ice cream, cake, or any other sweet food, Cool Whip is one of the best things to purchase at the grocery store. But, if you don’t normally purchase Cool Whip, then chances are you don’t know what aisle it is in. 


To help you find out where the Cool Whip is in the grocery store, I contacted 13 of the most popular grocery store chains (like Walmart, ShopRite, etc.) and asked them where they store the Cool Whip.


Where is Cool Whip found in the grocery store? According to the grocery store customer service, Cool Whip can be found in the refrigerator aisle.


Where Can You Find Cool Whip In Popular Grocery Chains?

Depending on what grocery store you shop at, the location of the Cool Whip may vary a bit. So, I noted where each grocery store said they kept their Cool Whip. Surprisingly, practically every store had the Cool Whip in the same aisle, but I created this table just to break it down.


Store Name What Aisle is the Cool Whip In?
Walmart Refrigerator Aisle
Whole Foods Refrigerator Aisle
Shoprite Refrigerator Aisle
Kroger Refrigerator Aisle
Stop and Shop Refrigerator Aisle
Safeway Refrigerator Aisle
Target Refrigerator Aisle
Publix Refrigerator Aisle
Wegmans Refrigerator Aisle
Harris Teeter Refrigerator Aisle
Fred Meyer Refrigerator Aisle
HEB Refrigerator Aisle
Food Lion Refrigerator Aisle


What Does Cool Whip Look Like in the Store?

Once you are in the refrigerator I’ll, the cool web should be in a round white plastic container. The round container should be labeled Cool Whip.


How Much Does Cool Whip Cost?

Generally, and most grocery stores that we talk to you, the Cool Whip cost anywhere from $1 to $3.50. 


Is Cool Whip Expensive?

In comparison to most other similar items, Cool Whip is by no means expensive. In fact it’s one of the more inexpensive items in the refrigerator section.