two bottles of apple cider vinegar

Where is Vinegar in the Grocery Store?

Whether you are looking to make a nice marinade, or a homemade salad dressing, vinegar is something that you will probably need to make it. Despite being such a commonly used item, you may not know where to find it in the grocery store. To help you with this problem, we got in touch with 12 of the most popular grocery store chains to find out exactly where they stock their vinegar.


Where is vinegar found in the grocery store? Vinegar can be found in the condiments, oils, or salad dressing aisle in the grocery store. This includes all types of vinegar such as, apple cider vinegar, rice wine vinegar, and white vinegar.


Now that you have a general idea of where the vinegar is stocked, it could be useful to find out what vinegar looks like in the store, or which grocery store chain has the cheapest vinegar. Keep reading to find out more.

Where Can You Find Vinegar In Popular Grocery Chains?


Depending on where you shop, the location of vinegar will vary. This means that it will not always be in the same place if you shop at different grocery stores. So we contacted the customer service departments of each of these popular grocery chains so that you can easily find where the vinegar is. Below is a list of grocery stores with the corresponding vinegar aisle.


Store Name What Aisle is the Vinegar in? (Apple Cider, Rice Wine, and Distilled White)
Walmart Oils and Condiments Aisle
Whole Foods Salad Dressings Aisle
Shoprite Condiments and Oils Aisle
Kroger Condiments and Salad Dressings Aisle
Stop and Shop Condiments Aisle
Safeway Salad Dressings Aisle
Target Salad Dressings Aisle
Publix Condiments and Oils Aisle
Wegmans Condiments Aisle
Harris Teeter Oils Aisle
Fred Meyer Condiments Aisle
HEB Condiments Aisle
Food Lion Salad Dressings and Oil Aisle


From our research, it is clear that most grocery stores have the vinegar in either the condiments, oils, or salad dressing aisles. The reason why vinegar is featured in these isles is because it is commonly paired with these types of items. In other words, vinegar is typically used in dressings and marinades, so it makes sense that it would be featured alongside these items.

What Does Vinegar Look Like in the Store?


Despite being such a common item, if you haven’t purchased vinegar before, or forgotten what it looks like, you may struggle with finding it while you are shopping, so we’ve taken the liberty to provide you with actual photos of what vinegar looks like on a grocery store shelf.


Most vinegar comes in a plastic or glass bottle, albeit in many different shapes and sizes. Depending on what kind you get it may have a different color on the inside. More specifically, apple cider vinegar will have more of an orange/brown color to it, rice wine vinegar will be a yellow/gold color, red wine vinegar will have pink color, and white vinegar will be a clear color.


How Much Does Vinegar Cost?


The price of vinegar varies from store to store, and it might be useful for you to see how these prices range. Because there are so many types of vinegar, we decided to collect the prices of the main/most popular types: apple cider, rice wine, and white vinegar.


Store Name Price of White Vinegar (32 oz) Price of Apple Cider Vinegar (32 oz)
Walmart $0.80 $4.32
Whole Foods $6.79 $5.39
Shoprite $3.35
Kroger $0.89 $2.46
Stop and Shop $1.29 $3.99
Safeway $1.99 $2.49
Wegmans $1.29 $2.60
Harris Teeter $0.64 $1.92
Fred Meyer $0.89 $4.30
HEB $0.81 $1.62
Food Lion


So, from our research we can see that HEB  cheapest apple cider vinegar, and Harris Teeter has the cheapest white vinegar. So, depending on where you shop, you might be able to score a good deal when shopping for vinegar.


Can You Buy White Vinegar in Supermarkets?


Almost all popular chain grocery stores sell white vinegar. In fact, every store on our list carries white vinegar at their locations. It can generally be purchased in 1 gallon, 64 fl oz, and 12-16 oz sizes. It typically ranges in price from $0.64 to $6.79.


Is Vinegar Expensive?


In comparison to most other similar items, vinegar is relatively inexpensive for the volume that you receive. It is important to mention that depending on the type of vinegar you get, you may have to pay more than usual. From our research it seems that Whole Foods has the most expensive vinegar, followed by Wegmans, and Stop and Shop. Apple cider vinegar is more expensive as it requires more ingredients to make in comparison to white vinegar and rice wine vinegar.