Where Is Yeast In The Grocery Store?

In this day and age, grocery stores are a one-stop shop for all of your wants and needs, including medicine, liquor, produce, electronics, and so much more. With that being said, it can be quite hard to navigate through your local grocery store efficiently, and without going through the same aisle over and over again.


This proves to be even more true for items that you may not use on a daily or weekly basis. Yeast is one such item that falls into this category. Although every established grocery store will likely carry yeast, trying to find it is arguably more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack.


Fortunately, we have done the research for you below so you don’t have to wander around every aisle aimlessly looking for yeast.


Where is yeast found in the grocery store? Yeast can be found in the baked goods aisle (which include items such as sugar, oil, shortening, etc.).


Where Can You Find Yeast In Popular Grocery Chains

We have reached out to different branches of the stores listed below to find out which related items yeast is shelved with. 


Store Name Yeast Found In Baked Goods Aisle?
Whole Foods
Stop and Shop
Harris Teeter
Fred Meyer
Food Lion


What Does Yeast Look Like in the Store?

The packaging of yeast can vary depending on the brand and amount you are looking to buy. You can find yeast in small paper packets, glass jars, and even flour-like bags. Here are some images for you to reference before you go shopping so you know exactly what to look for:

How Much Does Yeast Cost?

Given the various sizes and containers that yeast may come in, pricing will vary. We have chosen to list the price of a 4oz container of yeast. Note that these prices are what each store offered at the time this article was written. Prices may have changed since and therefore should only be used as a gauge as to what price is being currently offered.


Store Name Price of Yeast (4oz)
Walmart $4.58
Whole Foods $7.69
Shoprite $3.99
Kroger $5.19
Tesco $1.18
Stop and Shop $6.19
Safeway $5.99
Target $4.89
Wegmans $4.99
Harris Teeter
Fred Meyer $6.49
Giant $7.19
HEB $4.72
Food Lion $5.89


Is Yeast Expensive?


Yeast is relatively inexpensive depending on your budget. The 4oz containers mentioned above are equivalent to almost 150 servings of yeast and on average cost about $5.00. Taking this into consideration, each serving of yeast used is only $0.03. If baking bread is your hobby, you may run through a container pretty quickly, but if you make bread every so often, this will last you quite some time.