Where Is Worcestershire Sauce In The Grocery Store?

Are you looking for Worcestershire sauce in the grocery store, but don’t know where to find it. Even though Worcestershire sauce is a unique type of sauce, it might be hard to find. In fact, sometimes Worcestershire sauce is harder to find than it is to pronounce. So, to help you and your grocery shopping needs, we’ve contacted several popular grocery store chains to find out exactly where they stock their Worcestershire sauce.


Where is Worcestershire sauce found in the grocery store? Worcestershire sauce can be found in the same aisle as salad dressing, condiments, and seasonings. Other grocery stores stock it in their international foods aisle. The location of Worcestershire will vary based on where you do your grocery shopping.


Now that you know the general location of Worcestershire sauce, you may need to know if your grocery store sells it, and what it looks like in the store, read on to find out more.


Where Can You Find Worcestershire Sauce In Popular Grocery Chains?


As mentioned above the location of Worcestershire sauce can vary depending on where you do your grocery shopping. While the sauce is generally located in the listed locations above, we also individually reached out to the customer service representatives from popular grocery chains to provide a more specific list of where Worcestershire sauce is stocked.


Store Name Worcestershire Sauce Aisle
Walmart Salad Dressing Aisle
Whole Foods International Foods Aisle
Shoprite Salad Dressing Aisle
Kroger Seasonings, Sauces and Dressings Aisle
Stop and Shop Salad Dressing Aisle
Safeway Condiments and Salad Dressing Aisle
Target Condiments and Salad Dressing Aisle
Publix Marinades, Dressings, and Condiments Aisle
Wegmans Condiments Aisle
Harris Teeter Salad Dressing Aisle
Fred Meyer Salad Dressing Aisle
HEB Condiments & Marinades Aisle
Food Lion Condiments Aisle


What Does Worcestershire Sauce Look Like in the Store?

While walking through the aisle you may have trouble finding where the sauce actually is, especially if you have never purchased it before. Most Worcestershire sauce comes in a glass or plastic bottle, and is filled with a black liquid. Because of its dark color, it stands out from the rest of the products on the shelves.


To give you a better idea of how this product appears on the shelves, below is a picture of Worcestershire sauce in the store:

How Much Does Worcestershire Sauce Cost?

The price of Worcestershire sauce ranges from $0.99 to $3.58. Depending on the store you shop at, and the state you are in (and what shopping taxes they have), the prices will probably vary by a few cents to a couple of dollars.


Store Name Price of Worcestershire sauce (10oz)
Walmart $1.00
Whole Foods $3.49
Shoprite $1.42
Kroger $1.29
Stop and Shop
Safeway $2.99
Target $2.39
Wegmans $1.99
Harris Teeter $0.99
Fred Meyer $1.49
HEB $3.58
Food Lion $0.99


Is Worcestershire Sauce Expensive?

In general, Worcestershire sauce is not expensive at all, considering some stores sell it for $0.99. Depending on your budget and where you shop, it may be a bit pricier, however you are going to pay at most $3.58. So, in the grand scheme of things, no matter where you shop, it will never be that expensive.