Which Grocery Stores Have Coffee Grinders?

The majority of popular grocery store brands have placed a common coffee grinder that anyone can use in their facilities. In this article, we’ll address the subject of which grocery stores sell coffee grinders, as well as the prerequisites for using them. This useful device may be found in almost any grocery store with so many locations to choose from. It’s also available in a variety of sizes and styles.


Always double-check the existence of these grinders by asking the salesperson at the counter, as some places may have sold out or no longer stock them. Some of the most popular grocery stores that have a coffee grinder available for customers:


Which Grocery Stores Have Coffee Grinders?


Below are all of the grocery stores that we checked have coffee grinders available to use:


  1. Walmart
  2. Costco
  3. Trader Joe’s
  4. Whole Foods


1. Walmart


A lot of people frequently visit Walmart because it is one of the most popular stores with a large selection of coffee grinders. Individuals appreciate how they have a variety of them at different pricing and quality levels, so you can test them out before buying one.


Walmart sells a variety of devices of this type in its stores across the country.


2. Costco


Costco grocery outlets grind freshly bought coffee beans. These coffee grinders provide French press, Turkish, percolator, Fine, Cone filter, and basket filter grind settings.


The only drawback to these locally mounted coffee grinders is that anyone can use them. You may put anything in the grinder, and it’s frequently uncontrolled or under-monitored by workers.


Furthermore, you should not regrind your coffee beans in these devices because it may cause blockage.


3. Trader Joe’s


Clients can grind beans from Trader Joe’s, which has a coffee grinder placed in their local stores. These GrindMaster Coffee Grinders, which are accessible at the food store, are also worth looking into.


4. Whole Foods


A coffee grinder is provided in most Whole Foods local grocery stores for everyone to use.


Whole Foods Market has the most up-to-date and greatest coffee grinders in the industry. They can grind your coffee coarse or fine, based on your preferences.


The only need for grinding beans is that they are purchased from the same shop.


Does Publix Have a Coffee Grinder?


Years ago, yes! However, Publix has stopped using coffee grinders in their stores.


Due to the company’s failure to manage quality requirements, local coffee grinder services have been discontinued, and coffee grinders are no longer available at their grocery stores.


Types of Grocery Store Coffee Grinders


The advancement of technology has prompted suppliers to boost their game as coffee customers’ preferences become more sophisticated. That is why we’ve seen an increase in complex machinery with a wide range of characteristics that may gratify even the most ardent drinker.


Coffee grinders are divided into three categories:


  • Blade grinders
  • Disc and Conical grinders
  • Burr grinders


How to Grind Coffee Beans at the Grocery Store Correctly?


Coffee grinders are available in a variety of styles at various grocery stores. However, putting them to use is not difficult.


You might inquire about using a local grocery store’s coffee grinder with the employees. In most cases, instructions are available in these stores and are also printed on the coffee grinders.


To acquire the best coffee grind results, you’ll need to pay attention to a few guidelines.


Each coffee grinder in these grocery stores comes with a cleaning lever. You have to move the lever up and down to eliminate previously ground coffee grains after you’ve poured all of the whole coffee beans into the grinder.


The coffee grinder has a few distinct grind settings. French press, drip coffee, percolator, fine, and Turkish coffee are among them. They are dependent on your personal taste and desire, which must be considered while selecting a grind setting for your next cup of coffee.


How Much Does It Cost To Grind Coffee At A Grocery Store?


All of the grocery stores that we contacted do not charge any fees to grind your coffee in their stores. So you can grind all of the coffee beans you’d like for absolutely free at any of the stores listed above.