Does Harris Teeter Blow Up Balloons?

If you are looking to purchase and inflate helium balloons, you may have wondered if your local Harris Teeter offers such services. While most grocery stores do, it is something that you should check before you actually spend the time to go there.

To help you figure out whether or not Harris Teeter fills up balloons, I called their customer service to figure it out.

Does Harris Teeter Fill Balloons? According to their customer service representative, Harris Teeter does fill up balloons. You can even bring your own balloons from home to get inflated at Harris Teeter. Harris Teeter fills up balloons for anywhere between $1 and $5. They even sell pre-inflated balloons in their store.

How Much Does Harris Teeter Charge To Blow Up Balloons?

If you purchased the balloon in their store, Harris Teeter doesn’t charge anything additional to get it inflated. The balloon inflation is considered free if it is purchased in store.

To purchase a balloon at Harris Teeter, the cost ranges depending on the size. Balloons typically cost anywhere from $1 to $10. This includes both Mylar and Latex balloons.

For reference, most grocery stores will fill up balloons for you for free as long as the balloon was purchased in the store. It is pretty much considered common courtesy for grocery stores to do such, as it would get quite expensive to purchase and fill up balloons for customers if they didn’t.

Will Harris Teeter Fill Up Balloons That Aren’t Purchased In The Store?

Even if you don’t feel like purchasing a balloon at Harris Teeter, you are still allowed to bring in balloons and have them get inflated.

In other words, yes Harris Teeter does fill up balloons that weren’t purchased at their store. However, they will charge you are to fill them up. This is because the balloon was not purchased in their store, therefore they need to make money in other ways.

Most grocery stores actually don’t provide the service. Other grocery stores will likely turn you away if you bring balloons from home.

Where Is The Balloon Section At Harris Teeter?

In most Harris Teeter locations, you can find the balloon section located within the floral department. So, once you find out where the floor department is, the balloon department should be located right inside there.

It should also be noted that the employees in the floral department are the ones who will fill up the balloons for you.

How Much Are Balloons at Harris Teeter?

As mentioned above, balloons at Harris Teeter generally cost anywhere from one to $10. Depending on the size of the material you will pay more or less.

Generally speaking, Harris Teeter latex balloons cost a bit more than their mylar Balloons.

Does Harris Teeter Sell Pre-Inflated Balloons?

If you don’t have time to pick out a balloon and wait for it to be inflated, you can buy pre-inflated balloons as well. Located within the balloon department, there should be a whole section of balloons that are already inflated