Does Dollar General Blow Up Balloons?

If you are in need of getting inflated balloons, you might consider Dollar General as an option. However, they don’t disclose on their site whether or not they will blow up your balloons. So to help you find this out. I reached out to Dollar General customer service to see if they will blow up balloons for their customers.


Does Dollar General Blow Up Balloons? Yes, Dollar General will blow up balloons in their stores for customers. They will only blow up balloons that are purchased in their stores, meaning you can not bring your own in to get inflated.


How Much Does Dollar General Charge To Blow Up Balloons


Dollar General does not charge any additional fees to get your balloon blown up. The only cost you must pay for is the actual balloon; they will blow up the balloon for free. This makes it much more affordable to fill up a large amount of balloons.


This is pretty common amongst stores that blow up balloons. Places like Shoprite, Publix, and Kroger don’t charge any extra to inflate your balloons. This means customers only have to purchase the actual balloon, and the inflation service is absolutely free in most stores.

How Much Are Balloons at Dollar General?


Balloons at Dollar General cost $1 each. According to the customer service representative, all of their mylar and latex balloons cost the same amount.


These balloons are some of the most affordable on the market. Many other grocery stores have higher price points, meaning that balloons from other stores are a bit more expensive than balloons at Dollar General. However, Dollar Tree also sells balloons for the same price, so you still have other options if you are out buying balloons.

Does Dollar General Sell Helium Balloons?


Yes, Dollar General does sell helium balloons. Any balloon that Dollar General blows up is inflated with helium. Dollar General only uses helium to inflate balloons.

Will Dollar General Fill Up Balloons That Aren’t Purchased In The Store?


Unfortunately, Dollar General will only fill up balloons that are purchased in store. So you are not allowed to bring your own balloons in the store to get them inflated. Dollar General will only inflate balloons that are purchased in their store.


If you are looking to bring your own balloons in, you will have to look at other stores. Luckily, Kroger does blow up balloons that are not purchased in their store. This means you can bring your own balloons in to get filled up.

Does Dollar General Sell Inflated Balloons?


In addition to their non-inflated selection of balloons, Dollar General also sells a lot of pre-inflated balloons. This means that when you walk in the store, you can quickly pick up a balloon that is already inflated with helium.


While this is very convenient, the supply of inflated balloons is a bit limited. Essentially, they may not have that many options to choose from. so if you are looking for a very specific balloon, they may not have it inflated.