Does HEB Cash Lottery Tickets? (Scratch-Offs & Powerball)

The Lone Star State is home to hundreds of H.E.B. grocery stores. Most Texans feel fortunate to have this supermarket in their backyard. Others are betting on when the popular chain will open up in their area. 


If you’re lucky enough to be in Texas and have a winning lottery ticket in hand, are you able to cash it in at an H.E.B. store? I contacted H.E.B.’s customer service to find out.


Does HEB Cash Lottery Tickets, Scratch-Offs, and Powerball Tickets?

Yes, HEB does cash lottery tickets, scratch-offs and Powerball tickets. 


How To Cash A Lottery Ticket at HEB?

Take your ticket to the HEB customer service desk and they will cash your lottery ticket. You typically won’t have to walk very far either. The HEB representative mentioned that store layouts vary but customer service is usually located in the front of the store. It will either be to your right or left depending on the entrance you used. 


Where Are the Lottery Tickets at HEB?

You can purchase lottery tickets at the customer service area. If you’re looking to buy a scratch-off ticket, many stores have vending machines available where you can purchase those.


Can You Cash a Lottery Ticket That You Didn’t Buy at HEB?

Yes, you can cash a lottery ticket at H.E.B. no matter where you bought it. So, if you purchased one at a gas station or convenience store, H.E.B. will cash it for you.


Can You Cash a Lottery Ticket at H.E.B.’s Central Market stores?

Unfortunately, the Central Market locations do not offer this service.


Can You Cash a Lottery Ticket at H.E.B.’s Mi Tienda stores? 

Yes, lottery tickets can be cashed in at the service desk/business center. 


Can You Use A Credit Card To Buy Lottery Tickets at HEB?

No, you can only buy lottery tickets with a debit card or cash.


Are There Any Restrictions For Cashing In Lottery Tickets?

Yes, H.E.B. limits winners to $599 per ticket per day. The representative I spoke to explained that if you have two tickets with a payout value of $500 each, you can cash one in today and the other one tomorrow. If you’ve managed to win more than that, you will have to visit one of the lottery claim centers in Texas


What Does H.E.B. Stand For?

Although their slogan is “Here Everything’s Better,” that’s not the reason the store is called H.E.B. The supermarket chain’s acronym comes from the initials of the founder’s son, Howard Edward Butt.