Does Publix Blow Up Balloons?

Publix offers a wide variety of different services throughout their grocery chain locations. Because of this, you may be wondering if they offer a service to inflate balloons. Unfortunately, their website does not specify if they fill up balloons for their customers.


So we reached out to the Publix customer service team to find out whether or not they inflate balloons for their shoppers.


Does Publix Blow Up Balloons? Publix does offer balloon inflation services at many of their locations. The balloons must be purchased in-store in order to be eligible for their inflation services.


How Much Does It Cost to Inflate Balloons at Publix?


Surprisingly, Publix does not charge anything to inflate balloons. As long as you purchase the balloon in their store, the inflation service is free of charge. In other words, it is free to blow up your balloons there.

Publix is not alone with their “free-of-charge” balloon inflating services. Many grocery stores like Shoprite, Dollar Tree, and Kroger allow customers to fill up their balloons for free with proof of purchase.


How Much Are Balloons at Publix?


For regular size balloons, Publix charges anywhere from $1 to $3. However for larger and more elaborate balloons, they charges upwards of $5 to $10+

Depending on where you live, the price of these balloons may vary a bit, however expect to pay somewhere near these prices if you purchase your balloons at Publix. 

If you are looking for really affordable balloons, both Dollar Tree and Dollar General have very affordable balloon prices.


Does Publix Do Helium Balloons?


Some customers might be interested in filling balloons with regular pressurized air, whereas others might be interested in filling them up with helium. 

For those interested in Publix’s helium balloons, you will be glad Publix offers helium for their balloon inflation services. Additionally, if you choose to fill up your balloons with helium, there is still no additional charge incurred.


Can You Bring Your Own Balloons to Publix to Get Filled Up?

If you are still in need of getting a balloon inflated at Publix, but you did not buy it at their store, will they still inflate the balloon for you?


According to the Publix customer service representative, you must purchase the balloon(s) at their store for them to blow it up for you. In other words, you can not bring a balloon that was purchased at a different store for Publix to blow up.


However, this rule does vary a bit from store to store. Depending on your location, you may be able to bring a balloon that was not purchased at Publix, to be inflated in Publix. This may cost you a fee of $1 to $3. In general though, the rule is that Publix will not inflate your balloon if it was not purchased at one of their stores.


Does Publix Sell Inflated Balloons?


If you are looking to purchase pre-inflated balloons, Publix does have a handful of inflated balloons available for purchase in-store. These pre-inflated balloons cost the exact same as balloons that are not inflated.


It is worth noting that the supply of pre-inflated balloons is quite limited For example, you may want a specific type of balloon like mylar or latex; or you may want a particular type of birthday or anniversary balloon which they may not have inflated, so you may not find one that you like, in which case, you can purchase a non-inflated balloon.