Does Ralphs Sell Flowers? Pricing, Types & More

If you’re looking to buy flowers at a local grocery store, the chances are you may have looked at Ralphs. But seeing as Ralphs is a grocery store, you might be wondering if they sell flowers. To help you answer this question I got into contact with Ralphs customer service to see if they sell flowers, how much they cost, and if they are even good.


Does Ralphs Sell Flowers? Yes, Ralphs does sell flowers in their floral department. The prices for the flowers at Ralphs range from about $1 to $4 per flower depending on the type. The floral department is typically located towards the front of the store at Ralphs. While you can buy the flowers in store, or order them online, Ralphs does not deliver flowers directly.


How Much Do Flowers Cost At Ralphs?

The price range for most flowers at Ralphs is anywhere from $1 per flower to $4 per flower. Bouquets at Ralphs seem to range from $7 to $36.

Where Are The Flowers In Ralphs Located?

At most Ralphs store locations, the flowers are located towards the front of the store. If you are facing the store from the outside, they are typically located to the left. Most of the flowers you can buy are located in a separate part of the store, typically referred to as the floral department.

Are Ralphs Flowers Good Quality?

Like most other grocery stores, Ralphs does provide good quality flowers to their customers. There are countless customer reviews that express high levels of satisfaction after buying Ralphs flowers. 


They are also known to last quite some time as well, which means your money is well spent.

Does Ralphs Deliver Flowers?

Unfortunately, Ralphs does not deliver flowers themselves. This means that you will have to go to an in-store location to pick up your flowers.


You may be able to add them to your Instacart account, and deliver them through the app. However, you will not be able to get the flowers directly delivered from Ralphs.


Ralphs is among some of the few grocery stores that don’t deliver flowers. Most grocery stores now have their own services available which allow customers to directly order flowers for delivery. So, if you are looking for a convenient way to get flowers delivered, you likely won’t find it at Ralphs.


Can You Order Flowers From Ralphs?

Yes, all customers are able to order flowers from Ralphs. If you want to order ahead of your visit to Ralphs, there are 2 options that you have.


  1. Call the floral department
  2. Order online


The first option is to call the floral department. When you call the department you will be in direct contact with the florist. From there you should be able to quickly place you order and set a pick up time.


The second option is to order online at You can add your order of flowers to your cart and set your default store location. 

Does Ralphs Sell Flower Seeds?

In addition to flowers, Ralphs also sells flower seeds in the same department as their flowers. However, it is worth mentioning that they do not have nearly as many seeds available for purchase as they do flowers. 


In other words, there are much less options for flower seeds compared to the options for flowers.

Final Thoughts: Ralphs Selling Flowers

Well you may not be able to deliver flowers directly to your house, Ralphs does offer affordable flowers, not to mention they have such a wide variety of options. So all you need to do is go to your local Ralphs`, find the floral department, and make your purchases there.