Does Winco Have Flowers?

If you are thinking about flowers for a particular occasion, you may have looked to buy them at your local Winco. But before you go, its probably best that you see if Winco even sells flowers. While most grocery stores do sell flowers, it is not guaranteed that Winco does. 


To help you find out if Winco sells flowers at their stores, I contacted their customer service directly. This is what I found out.


Does Winco Have Flowers? According to the customer service representative, Winco does not have flowers in their store. More specifically, none of their locations has a floral department. In other words, none of their stores have a dedicated flower department.


So, if you are in need of flowers, then you will have to look elsewhere. The representative mentioned that their stores will sometimes bring a limited amount of flowers for certain holidays or seasons, the stores do not consistently carry them throughout the year.


Why Doesn’t Winco Have Flowers?

Because almost all grocery stores have a floral department, it’s interesting as to why Winco does not. There are a number of reasons why certain grocery stores don’t have a floral department. Although Winco did not confirm these reasons, below are potential factors that may explain why they don’t have flowers.


1. Its Expensive

Floral departments are quite expensive to manage and maintain. Because flowers are a fragile type of product, they do not have a long shelf life. So, this means that stores have to be ordering flowers from their suppliers on a consistent basis. If the stores are not selling enough flowers to make up the cost, then they are operating at a loss.


So, to avoid the potential risk of not selling enough products, Winco likely opts out of selling them in the first place.


2. Decline In Demand

With online flower websites, most people are ordering their flowers for delivery rather than shopping in a store for them. This means that floral departments are becoming less and less necessary. Because there is a decline in people purchasing flowers in-store, many stores opt to not have floral departments.