Where Is Creole Seasoning In The Grocery Store


Whether you are topping up your spice cabinet, or making a Cajun inspired meal, you’re going to need creole seasoning. If you’re wandering through the isles of the grocery store, not sure where to find it, keep reading the post below.


I contacted 13 of the most popular grocery store chains, like ShopRite, Walmart, Publix, etc. and recorded where the location of the creole seasoning is. This is what I found.


Where can you find Creole Seasoning in the grocery store? Creole seasoning can be found in either the seasoning or spices aisle. It is generally the same aisle as the salt, pepper, etc. in the grocery store.


Creole Seasoning Aisle By Grocery Store

Depending on which grocery chain you shop at, the location may be a little bit different. To help you find which aisle it is in in your local grocery store chain, I made a table below which breaks down where it is in each store.


Store Name Where To Find Creole Seasoning In The Grocery Store
Walmart Seasoning & Spices Aisle
Whole Foods Seasoning & Spices Aisle
Shoprite Seasoning & Spices Aisle
Kroger Seasoning & Spices Aisle
Stop and Shop Seasoning & Spices Aisle
Safeway Seasoning & Spices Aisle
Target Seasoning & Spices Aisle
Publix Seasoning & Spices Aisle
Wegmans Seasoning & Spices Aisle
Harris Teeter Seasoning & Spices Aisle
Fred Meyer Seasoning & Spices Aisle
HEB Seasoning & Spices Aisle
Food Lion Seasoning & Spices Aisle


Do Grocery Stores Store Brand Creole Seasoning?

Most grocery stores don’t carry their own store brand or private label creole seasoning. This is mainly because it is a more niche type of item. You will be able to find the more popular brands of creole seasoning however no store brand versions.


Final Thoughts: Creole Seasoning In The Grocery Store

While it may seem intuitive as to where the creole seasoning is, it still is one of those items that is a bit tough to find, so it could never hurt to search where it is in the grocery store.


If you can’t seem to find it in this particular aisle, just go to the customer service desk and they should be able to point you in the right direction. Most grocery stores follow the same layout and item categorization in their isles, so it is likely that they are in the same aisle as the ones listed above.