when does kroger restock

When Does Kroger Restock?

It can be quite frustrating when you go to your local Kroger and the items you need are out of stock. It totally defeats the purpose of even making the trip to the store. So, to get around this you might be curious as to when Kroger restocks so that you can time your trip and get to the store right as the shelves are replenished. To help you with this issue, we contacted Kroger’s customer support to find out exactly when they restock their shelves.


When does Kroger restock? According to a Kroger customer service representative, Kroger restocks frequently throughout the day. There is no set time that Kroger restocks their items; restocking policy is based on the demand of the product.



Why Does Kroger Restock Throughout the Day?


Kroger mainly restocks their shelves throughout the day, for all of their products, because it allows them to consistently keep their shelves full, especially for high-demand items.


For example, if an item like paper towels are selling out frequently throughout the day, Kroger is not going to wait until a certain time to restock the paper towels. Instead, they will immediately replenish that product.




What Day of the Week Does Kroger Restock?


Most Kroger locations restock their inventory and their shelves every day.


This means that if your local Kroger is open 7 days per week, then they restock 7 days per week. As mentioned above, Kroger locations restock throughout the day which means their shelves are replenished multiple times per day and per week.

How Can You Find Out When Your Local Kroger Restocks?


The customer service representative did say that certain Kroger locations may have their own set schedules for when they restock, so while most restock multiple times per day, there may be some locations that follow a more routine schedule.


If you are curious to find out if an item has been restocked at your local Kroger, you can follow these steps here:


  1. Search for the customer service number for your local Kroger.
  2. Ask the customer service representative if they have an available schedule for when employees restock shelves


Chances are they will tell you that they don’t have a set schedule, but for those few locations that do have a restock schedule, it will be very worth your time finding out when they replenish their shelves.


When Is The Best Time To Shop At Kroger


So, despite not having an exact restock time, there still is a way that you can avoid running into the ‘out-of-stock’ dilemma. We took a look at foot-traffic data to see when Kroger was least busy, so that you can avoid the big rush of customers and increase your chances of getting the products you need.


The best time to shop is very dependent on what day you are going, below is a chart that highlights the best ranges of time to go shopping at Kroger.


Day of the WeekBest Time to Shop
Monday9 am - 11 am | 3 pm - 5 pm
Tuesday9 am - 11 am
Wednesday9 am - 1 pm
Thursday5 pm - 7 pm
Friday9 am - 11 am
Saturday9 am - 10 am
Sunday9 am - 12 pm