Where To Find Ricotta Cheese At Publix & How Much It Costs

If you’re looking for ricotta cheese at the fast-growing Southern supermarket chain Publix, then look no further. To save you time wandering around the store, I called their customer service to find exactly where they keep ricotta cheese. Along with that, I inquired about the prices for each brand so you don’t have to spend the time comparing prices.


Where Is Ricotta Cheese In Publix? You can find ricotta cheese at Publix in the dairy aisle near the other cheeses. Navigate to the aisle that says ‘Dairy’ and the ricotta cheese should be there. This location of the aisle depends on the store, but you can easily find ricotta by following a dairy or cheese sign.



How Much Does Ricotta Cheese Cost At Publix?


The price of ricotta cheese at Publix depends on the store location, brand, and size. The Publix brand ricotta cheese costs $2.55 for a 15oz package. The available brands that they over range anywhere from $2.55 to $3.89. 


While Publix’s online store showed a number of different brands, we were only able to find the prices for 3 of those. The ricotta cheese brands with “n/a” listed next to it shows that we were not able to get pricing on that brand. While you may be able to find some of these brands at your store, we were not able to find them at ours.


Brand Price at Publix
Publix Ricotta Cheese | 15 oz $2.55
Galbani Ricotta Cheese | 32 oz $3.89
Polly-O Ricotta Cheese | 15 oz $3.49
Organic Valley Ricotta Cheese n/a
Axelrod Ricotta Cheese n/a
Calabro Ricotta Cheese n/a
Greenwise Ricotta Cheese n/a


Publix’s ricotta cheese is relatively inexpensive in comparison to some of the other high-end brands of ricotta cheese. So if you are someone who likes to save a bit of money, shopping at Publix for their ricotta cheese is a pretty good deal.


Is Publix Brand Ricotta Cheese Pasteurized?


Yes, Publix brand ricotta cheese is Grade A pasteurized. This means the product was heated to around 150 degrees Fahrenheit for an extended period of time, killing bacteria that causes the food to spoil. Grade A means it was inspected by the FDA. It should also be listed on the packaging as a pasteurized product.