Where To Find Tahini At Publix & How Much It Costs

If you’re making hummus, halva or baba ghanoush, tahini is a crucial ingredient. You can find the sesame paste at a number of grocery stores including Publix. You might be wondering where you can find tahini at Publix.


I called their customer service line and found out exactly where you can find it in the store. I also got the prices for different brands to save you time comparing them.


Where Is Tahini In Publix? You can find Tahini in the international foods aisle. Most Publix stores have it labeled as ‘international foods’ on their aisle signs, so navigate to that area. Different stores have different locations for this aisle, but it’s usually easy to find by looking at the aisle signs or asking an associate



How Much Does Tahini Cost At Publix?


The price of tahini at Publix stores varies by brand, store location, and the size of container. You can expect to pay at least $6 per 16oz of tahini. Generally though, Tahini at Publix costs anywhere from $5.99 to $6.99.


Tahini can be a bit expensive no matter where you shop, but Publix has it listed at a reasonable price. So, if you are someone who enjoys saving a little bit of money, then buy your Tahini at Publix.


Brand of Tahini How Much Does It Cost At Publix
Macedonia Tahini n/a
Krinos Tahini – 16 oz $6.99
Joyva Tahini – 15 oz $6.69
Peloponnese Tahini n/a
Ziyad Tahini – 16 oz $5.99
Once Again Tahini n/a
Mighty Sesame Tahini – 10.9 oz $6.29


The tahini brands with “n/a” listed next to them are brands that we could not find the price to. AFter calling about 10 different Publix locations, none of them seemed to carry them. So, while you may be able to find these brands at your local Publix, we were not able to.


Does Publix Have A Store Brand of Tahini?

 Publix does not have their own brand of tahini. Instead, they sell Krinos, Joyva, Ziyad, and Mighty Sesame tahini.


One reason why they may not have their own private label tahini is because it is quite a niche product. Tahini isn’t that popular of an item, so for Publix to create their own brand of it may not be worth the cost.