tahini in the grocery store

Where is Tahini in a Grocery Store?

It can be quite hard to find certain items in the grocery store, especially because each store is different, thus their products are located in different aisles. If you are looking to purchase tahini, but are not exactly sure where it is located in a grocery store, we’ve located its general whereabouts. After getting into contact with multiple different grocery chains, we’ve figured out tahini can normally be found in a grocery store.


Where is tahini in a grocery store? Tahini can be found in the same aisle as oil, peanut butter, and other types of nut butters.



Where Can You Find Tahini in Popular Grocery Chains


As mentioned above, each grocery store has their own locations for certain products, so it varies by store, which makes it difficult when you are trying to find a particular product in a store you might be unfamiliar with.


To help you with this issue, we got into contact with some of the most popular food chains and found out where they typically have their tahini located. Below is a chart of the stores, as well as where they store their tahini.


Store NameWhere to Find Tahini
WalmartWalmart keeps the tahini in the condiments aisle
Whole FoodsWhole foods keeps tahini in the same aisle as peanut butter and other spreads
ShopriteShoprite keeps their tahini in the baking aisle
KrogerKroger has their tahini in the ethnic foods aisle
Stop and ShopStop and Shop has their tahini in the Kosher foods aisle
SafewaySafeway has tahini in the same aisle as condiments
TargetTarget stores their tahini in the same aisle as jams, spreads, and oil
PublixPublix has tahini in the ethnic foods aisle
WegmansWegmans has their tahini in the international foods aisle
Harris TeeterHarris Teeter keeps their tahini in the same aisle as condiments
Fred MeyerFred Meyer has their tahini in the international/ethnic food aisle
HEBHEB has their tahini in the international foods aisle
Food LionFood Lion has their tahini in the Indian/Asian/Middle Eastern foods aisle



What Does Tahini Look Like in the Store?


So once you finally know what aisle the tahini is in, you still might have an issue. If you have never bought tahini before, then you probably don’t know what it looks like.


Tahini usually looks similar to a jar of peanut butter. Many brands actually sore their tahini in plastic or glass jars. Additionally, tahini is essentially sesame seed paste, and is strikingly similar in texture to peanut butter (which is why they are normally located in the same aisle). So when you are looking to buy tahini, keep an eye out for a plastic or glass jar filled with a beige paste.

This is what tahini looks like on the grocery store shelf



How Much Does Tahini Cost?


Tahini costs anywhere from $4.10 to $10.49. Depending on the size that you are looking for, the price may vary a bit.


To give you a better idea of how much tahini costs, below is a breakdown of the cost of Tahini from various grocery store chains. The prices below are for 15 oz – 16 oz jars of tahini.


Store NameTahini Price
Whole Foods$5.99
Stop and Shop$7.99
Harris Teeter$7.99
Fred Meyer$5.79
Fred Meyer$4.10
Food Lion$8.49


From our findings it seems like HEB offers the cheapest price on tahini, whereas Safeway has one of the most expensive prices for tahini. So in case you are trying to save money the next time you buy tahini, take a look at the store price to see if it fits your budget.

Is Tahini Expensive In The Grocery Store?


If you are looking to purchase tahini, you may be worried that it is out of your budget, so we gathered pricing information to show you how its price compares to similar products.


In general, Tahini is a bit on the expensive side. When compared to other nut pastes (like peanut butter and almond butter), tahini is about $4.80 more expensive than peanut butter, and about $1.30 cheaper than almond butter.



ProductAverage Price
Peanut Butter (16 oz.)$2.25
Almond Butter (16 oz.)$8.35
Tahini (16 oz.)$7.05