Do Cashiers Know When You Use EBT?

If you are using EBT at a grocery store, department store, etc. you may have wondered if the cashier can see when you are using EBT. I contacted 7 different stores to find out if their systems show whether or not the customer is using EBT. Here is what I found:

When using your Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card at a store, the cashier will be able to see that you are using EBT. This information will either appear on the cashier’s interface when you scan your card or they will need to manually enter the information into the system.

The process of using EBT at a store is usually straightforward and the cashier will simply need to verify that the amount being charged is correct and the items being purchased are eligible under the EBT program. It’s important to note that the cashier will only see the information related to your EBT usage and will not have access to your personal or financial information. Using EBT at a store is designed to be a quick and convenient way to purchase food and other eligible items, and the cashier is there to assist with any questions you may have or to help process your transaction.