Does HEB Blow Up Balloons?

HEB offers plenty of products and services. One product they do sell are balloons. If you are interested in getting balloons, you may be wondering if HEB will inflate balloons for you. There are many grocery stores that will sell and inflate helium balloons for their customers, but is HEB one of them?


I got into contact with HEB’s customer service department to find out exactly if they fill balloons for their customers. Here is what they said.


Does HEB Fill Balloons? According to their customer service representative, HEB does inflate helium balloons in their stores. Customers can either bring their own balloons or purchase balloons from the store. Filling balloons at HEB costs $1.60+ depending on the size and material of the balloon.


Most HEB stores have their balloon filling station located in the floral department. So, once you get to your local HEB, just navigate to the floral department and you should be able to get your balloons filled up there.


How Much Does HEB Charge To Blow Up Balloons?

Most grocery stores don’t charge to actually fill up balloons. Instead, they just charge for the actual balloons and offer a free of charge filling service. However, HEB is a bit different. According to their floral department employee, the minimum they charge is $1.60 per balloon.


The $1.60 is for any standard size latex balloon. While this may not seem like that much money, if you are inflating multiple balloons, this could add up.


Will HEB Fill Up Balloons That Aren’t Purchased In The Store?

Instead of purchasing balloons at HEB and then blowing them up there, you may want to know if you could bring your own balloons in from home and inflate them. HEB will inflate balloons that are not purchased in their store. So, even if you don’t buy balloons at HEB, you will not have any trouble getting them inflated.


You will pay the same price to inflate these balloons as well, $1.60 per balloon.



How Much Are Balloons at HEB?

The price of the balloons and HEB ranges based on material and size. To give you an idea of what you will see at the store, HEB balloons cost anywhere from $1.80 to $14.40.


This is a bit more expensive than other stores. Grocery stores like Publix will charge as little as $0.99 for one balloon. So you may be better off shopping somewhere else for balloons if you are looking to save some money.


Does HEB Sell Pre-Inflated Balloons?

Like most grocery stores, HEB also sells pre-inflated balloons. This means that you can quickly buy a balloon that is already filled with helium. One downside to this is that the selection is quite limited. They will only have around a dozen balloons pre-inflated, so your options will be restricted to just those balloons.


The benefit of buying a pre-inflated balloon is that it is very fast and convenient. It may take around 5+ minutes to buy a balloon and get it inflated in the store, but purchasing a pre-inflated balloon will take less than a minute.