Does Kroger Blow Up Balloons?

Kroger is known to be the largest grocery store chain in the world, offering various different products and services. However, does this wide variety of services mean that they will also blow up your balloons? Kroger’s website doesn’t say whether or not they inflate balloons in store, which may make it difficult to find out if they will fill up your balloons.


So, to help you answer your question, we reached out to Kroger customer service to find out if they offer balloon inflation services?


Does Kroger Blow Up Balloons? Kroger will blow up balloons in store for their customers.    They will inflate any balloons that are purchased in the store and balloons that are brought in by customers. Kroger’s balloon inflation section can be found within the floral department.


How Much Does Kroger Charge To Blow Up Balloons


As long as you purchase your balloons at Kroger, they do not charge any additional fees to inflate your balloons. Basically, the cost of blowing up a balloon at Kroger is just the price of the balloon itself, making it pretty affordable for most customers.


So, if you find a balloon at Kroger that costs $2.00, and you have an employee inflate that balloon, the cost would still be $2.00 as there is no additional charge for inflation. Many other grocery stores like Shoprite, Publix, and Dollar Tree don’t charge any extra fees for inflating balloons, so it is quite a standard practice among grocery stores.


How Much Are Balloons at Kroger?

Kroger balloons generally cost anywhere from $1.00 to $24.99. Generally, their smaller balloons will be on the cheaper side, whereas the larger balloons will be more expensive to purchase (for both latex and mylar balloons). 


These prices are estimated; depending on the location of your Kroger, the prices will vary as the tax rates vary in different areas. Some places, like Dollar Tree and Dollar General, have very affordable pricing for balloons.


Does Kroger Fill Balloons With Helium?

All Kroger balloon departments will fill up balloons with helium. According to the customer service representative that I spoke with, helium is the only option that they have. Despite the common idea that grocery stores offer regular air and helium, most of them only offer helium for blowing up balloons.


Can You Bring Your Own Balloons to Kroger to Get Filled Up?

Unlike other grocery stores, Kroger actually does let you bring in your own balloons to get blown up. So, if you purchased balloons at another store, or had some lying around, you can bring them to Kroger to get inflated. It is important to note here that because you did not purchase the balloons in store, you will have to pay to get them inflated.


Generally speaking, inflating a balloon that you didn’t purchase at Kroger can cost anywhere from $1 per balloon to $5+ (depending on size).


As mentioned above, most grocery stores won’t let you bring in your own balloons. Kroger is one of the few that will inflate balloons that are not purchased at their stores, so if you have balloons sitting at home that you are looking to inflate, chances are Kroger will be one of the few places that will blow up your own balloons.


Does Kroger Sell Inflated Balloons?

If you are in a hurry, or just don’t feel like waiting around for your balloon to be inflated, you might be on the lookout for pre-inflated balloons from Kroger. Kroger does sell balloons that are already inflated. In other words, Kroger sells balloons that are already filled with helium.


The one downside to this though is that your options are a bit limited. Kroger only pre-inflates a certain amount of balloons, so they only have so many options to choose from. If you are a picky customer and are looking for a very specific type of balloon, you are better off browsing the non-inflated balloons instead.