Does Publix Blow Up Balloons?

Publix offers a wide variety of different services throughout their grocery chain locations. Because of this, you may be wondering if they offer a service to inflate balloons. Unfortunately, their website does not specify if they fill up balloons for their customers.   So we reached out to the Publix customer service team to find

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Where is Tahini in a Grocery Store?

tahini in the grocery store

It can be quite hard to find certain items in the grocery store, especially because each store is different, thus their products are located in different aisles. If you are looking to purchase tahini, but are not exactly sure where it is located in a grocery store, we’ve located its general whereabouts. After getting into contact

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Can Walmart Print A Receipt?

Keeping track of receipts can be quite difficult, especially if you go grocery shopping quite frequently. With so many to keep track of, chances are, you may have lost a receipt or needed a reprint more than once. If you have found yourself in need of a reprinted receipt from Walmart, you may have wondered

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Does Walmart Do Ear Piercings?

If you are looking to get your ears pierced and have browsed different piercing kits, you may have come across some kits offered by Walmart. Walmart does offer affordable pricing on their kits, but you are probably more curious to see if you can get you ears pierced at Walmart once you purchase a kit.

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When Does Kroger Restock?

when does kroger restock

It can be quite frustrating when you go to your local Kroger and the items you need are out of stock. It totally defeats the purpose of even making the trip to the store. So, to get around this you might be curious as to when Kroger restocks so that you can time your trip

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