Does Shoprite Inflate Balloons?

Shoprite is one of the largest supermarket chains in the world, offering a wide variety of services. Despite the large amount of services that they offer, it is hard to find out if they offer balloon filling services. They do not disclose on their website if they inflate balloons in store or not. 


So, to help you with this issue, we reached out to Shoprite customer service and asked them directly if they fill up balloons at their locations.


Does Shoprite Inflate Balloons? Shoprite does inflate balloons in their stores. They will inflate both latex and mylar balloons for customers. Their balloon inflation area will be located in the same section as the floral department.


Something else that is important to know is that if you are looking to inflate more than 5 balloons at once, you will probably have to book an appointment ahead of time. Inflating that many balloons at once will take a large amount of time, therefore they will need to schedule you in, rather than doing it on the spot.

How Much Does It Cost to Inflate Balloons at Shoprite?

Blowing up balloons at Shoprite does not cost any extra money. By purchasing the balloon in store, shoprite offers complimentary balloon inflating services. This means that it is free to inflate your balloons at Shoprite once you purchase a balloon.


Free balloon inflation is pretty common amongst most grocery stores, in fact, places like Publix, Kroger, and Safeway also inflate balloons for no extra charge. This cool perk makes it much more affordable to get your balloons inflated.


How Much Are Balloons at Shoprite?

Shoprite balloons generally cost anywhere from $1.00 to $9.99. For their smaller balloons (both latex and Mylar) you can expect to pay closer to the one dollar mark. However, the larger you go, the more expensive they get, as their larger balloons are close to ten dollars in price.


Depending on where you live these prices may vary a little bit, however, this price range is typically how much it costs at all of their locations. If you are looking for really affordable balloons, you can also check out Dollar Tree and Dollar General for balloons and balloon inflation.


Does Shoprite Fill Balloons With Helium?

Shoprite does inflate balloons with helium for all of their latex and mylar balloons. According to one of their customer service representatives, they offer helium for all customers that are looking to fill up balloons in store.


Can You Bring Your Own Balloons to Shoprite to Get Filled Up?

Shoprite does not allow you to bring in your own balloons to be filled up. Shoprite will only inflate balloons that are purchased in store. So, if you previously purchased balloons and are looking to get them inflated, you will not be able to at Shoprite.


This is mostly due to the fact that they don’t charge for inflation, so, if you bring in your own balloons, they won’t make any profit. Most grocery stores will not inflate balloons that you didn’t purchase there for this reason.


Does Shoprite Sell Inflated Balloons?

Most Shoprite locations sell pre-inflated balloons in store. This means that you don’t have to wait for an employee to fill up your balloon. You can simply just quickly pay for a balloon that is already filled up and leave. With this being said, your options are going to be more limited when buying a pre-inflated balloon. So, if you are a bit picky when it comes to what kind of balloons you want, you should probably purchase from the non inflated balloons first.